Get Help

Below, you can find helpful resources for resolving issues with our games.


Try the following:

  • Update your graphics drivers.
  • Launch into D3D mode (see below).
  • If none of this works, please contact support.

From within the Unioverse Hub, click on Proving Grounds. On the screen that appears, select DirectX 12 or Dirext 11 and then click Play.

We often ask for “player.log” files when you experience a crash or other problem. These files can be found in a folder on your machine such as:

  • C:\Program Files\Random Games\Unioverse Hub\Apps\Hoverbike Derby
  • C:\Program Files\Random Games\Unioverse Hub\Apps\Proving Grounds

Depending on the product you are playing.

Press the Windows Key and type “dxdiag” and hit return. On the following screen select “Save All Information”. This is the file to send us with your support ticket.